First Album was ...


The Lord’s my Shepherd which was my favourite hymn and since 2007 I have continued to add to my collection which is now at thirteen albums.  I cannot read music and I play only by ear, which can take many days for me to learn a hymn, then I have to set it to the arrangement and style I want. I am not a professional keyboard player, I am an amateur and I am trying to do the best I can to bring my style of Gospel music to those that will listen. I work for the Lord and part of the proceeds from the sale of my cd’s goes to charities, I do of course take the cost to purchase the blank cd’s and ink and anything else that is required to make all of this possible, I am not doing this to make money, I am doing this to Glorify God, and bring inspirational Gospel hymns for one and all to enjoy. Please go to the products page where you will see other titles from my collection, and if you would like to hear the style of music I play go to
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